3 Eye-opening Reasons ISVs Put Pricing On Their Website

Should you include pricing on your website?

For some reason pricing has always had the stigma that it needed to be a secret, that ISVs can’t publicize because:

  • It will chase customers away
  • My competitors will see it
  • I don’t want to stop them from reaching out to me

Here are 3 reasons why ISVs need pricing on their website

#1 – Remember, it’s all about the customer

They are taking the time to do the research and visit your website. So, if you don’t give the information they need, they will leave your site and you just lost an opportunity. That’s the last thing you want to do.

If you do provide pricing then they’ll know upfront what your solution cost. If it’s in their budget they will reach out and if it’s not they won’t. But just think about how much time you could save not having a discovery call or doing a demo for someone who doesn’t have the budget for it in the first place.

#2 – Know, like, and trust

Building a relationship with a customer happens on your website before they even reach out to you for more information. This is where they learn not only about your product or services, but your company, and your culture as well.

If you’re not providing the information they need, answering all of their questions, including pricing, then they may feel like you’re hiding something or that you truly are too expensive.

#3 – Your only competitor is you

Do you not put pricing on your website because your competitors will see it? I say, who cares. If they really want to, they will find it. How many times have you used your gmail or another email account to get more information on a competitor? I know I have a few times.

Your website is all about your customer, not your competitor. So, give them what they want, answer all their questions, and show how you are going to solve a problem for them.

It’s better to give more up front, give them all the information they need, and if they reach out then you know they’re highly qualified.

And there’s nothing better than getting a highly qualified lead from your website. 

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