There is a proven way for ISVs to make an impact with virtual events

March of 2020 was a time in our lives we’ll never forget. Everything was shut down, the uncertainty, the feeling of no control, and many businesses suffering.

It has been a time of trial and error, of sinking or swimming, and when in-person events were canceled or going virtual.

When you rely on in-person events as your main vehicle of getting leads and it’s taken away, you need to come up with new ideas. It has been a time of thinking fast, and not just adapting to this new norm but growing, being successful, and doing things you’ve ever done before.
I had the pleasure of hosting not one but two virtual events as well as planning two and I am now in the midst of planning our first-ever virtual marketing event

What have I learned since COVID?

  1. We can no longer rely on just in-person events.
  2. Virtual events are just as expensive as in-person.
  3. You can execute your own virtual events.
  4. Collaborating with ISVs is the key to success.

Why virtual will be the new norm

I am not saying in-person events will ever go away but I also believe virtual events are not going away either.

I think meeting in person is still important from time to time. But attendees realized there is a cost and time savings when it comes to virtual events. They have learned that working from home is doable. 

All the training and sessions they attended in person can be done virtually. The cost saving on hotel, airfare, and being out of the office is huge. 

Over this past year, virtual events have changed tremendously and continue to get better. From the platforms to networking, and even expo areas. Everyone is stepping up their game to provide the best experience possible. Virtual events are becoming a proven way for ISVs to make an impact.

Marketing moving to virtual

Pivoting from in-person to virtual has been a learning curve for all. Some of the virtual events in the ISV channel have been successful and some have not.

Many have come with a hefty price tag and the ROI is slim to none. So, that’s why I started to plan my own. It does require a ton of time and work but it’s worth it in the end.

This is also when collaborating with ISVs plays an important role in its success.

When you bring a bunch of ISVs together you can share the:

  • workload
  • costs
  • leads

And team up to create amazing content. It’s also about having a different mindset.

Yes, events are a big lead driver but the goal should be more than that.

The goals are education and informational content, telling stories and not selling, and making an impact. It’s building relationships and gaining trust with your audience.

If you do all of that first, the leads will come. So, if you are ready to collaborate with ISVs and need some help, that is where The ISV Society comes in. I have created a way for us to work together in an affordable way.

Ready to learn more?

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