Adopt These 4 Tips To Get More Attendees At Your Next Webinar

How do you get more attendees at your next webinar?

Webinars have increased tremendously since COVID. In fact, 67% of marketers have increased their investment in webinars since the coronavirus outbreak.* (source

Since webinars increased at an astronomical rate, ISVs need to stand out more than ever.

So, how do you boost that attendance rate? 

Here are a few things you can implement today.

Give them the information they want

When planning a webinar do the research on your ideal client. What are they searching for, what questions do they ask, what are their pain points? Speak to your audience, tell a story, and make it about them not you.

Share things like:

  • Insights and best practices
  • Industry trends
  • Tips-n-tricks
  • Comparisons (how your solution differs from their ERP) 

If you give them the content they want they will attend the webinar. It does take time to do the research but it pays off in the end.

It’s all about the invite

If they don’t open the email you’ll never get them to take action. A compelling email is key to get more attendees at your next webinar. For the past year and a half, I have been testing out different email formats to see which ones perform best. 

What have I learned?

  • Create an engaging subject line – use numbers, emojis, and questions.
  • Start the email off the bat with a question that hits a pain point or frustration like – Do you struggle with manually updating exchange rates in Dynamics GP?
  • Tell them why they should attend and who should attend
  • Use images or animated gifs 
  • Keep the most important info above the fold

Start promotion 2 weeks before

Start planning the webinar 4-6 weeks out so you’re ready to start promoting at least 2 weeks out. The longer promotion cycle is likely to result in more sign-ups. You should begin to send out your targeted emails and social media posts at least two weeks before. You should also send these emails twice.

The invite can go to your first initial list and then the second time it can go to the list of those who didn’t open the first email. (Some marketing automation tools have the functionality to create that second list like Constant Contact and HubSpot) This will help get more attendees and increase the number of registrants.

Collaborate with other ISVs

Working with other ISVs will also increase your webinar attendance. You both are marketing the event to your perspective lists. You are bringing fresh new content that your audience may not be aware of and you’re sharing the workload. It’s all about leveraging the power of relationships and creating content to execute various initiatives.

I have seen first-hand the success of these types of webinars. I organized ones with over 100 registrants for one of them and 20 NEW leads from another. For the virtual events that I planned, there were hundreds of attendees.

Because we are working together, sharing the workload, sharing our knowledge and expertise, and bringing educational content to new audiences everyone wins.

It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. It’s all about having a central place to come together and execute marketing initiatives throughout the year. This is where The ISV Society comes in.

Collaborate. Educate. Generate.

Imagine working with a group of ISVs on a monthly basis. Collaborating together to create marketing content.

Membership Details:

  • One central place to collaborate and brainstorm
  • Marketing kits to help you execute joint initiatives
  • Monthly strategy calls
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • 4 joint webinars a year
  • Content collaboration tool

If you would like to be a part of this community and gain momentum throughout the year just reach out to schedule a call to discuss. ( Download my media kit to learn more.

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