Did you know your email subject line is like your front door?

Email Subject Line is like your front door

You just drafted the perfect email. You are ready to send it out but there is one last piece of content needed. The dreaded email subject line.

See you can have the perfectly crafted email but if no one opens it, all of your hard work has gone to waste.

Because the subject line needs to be the reason they open it in the first place. It needs to be compelling enough for them to want to read it.

The subject line is like a door, if someone knocks at your front door do you open it? If it is a person walking around the neighborhood with a clipboard not likely, but if it’s a friend or family member you would. (maybe 😊) 

So think of your subject line as the front door, you want it to be engaging and welcoming so your lead or customer will open it. 

How do you get the best subject line? What should you include? Here are a few tips.

Short & Sweet

This is probably one of the hardest so that’s why I wanted to start with it first. A typical subject line should only be 3-5 words, that’s it. 

This way your audience can see it on their computer, their phone, or any other device they are using. If it gets too long, it gets cut off. 

It needs to provide value, what’s in it for them, and what is one key important element of that email. This is why they say, always write the email before the subject line. 

Have fun with it

Things have definitely changed when it comes to sending out emails. Now you can include fun emojis. How cool 😎 is that?

Most marketers don’t use emojis in their email subject lines… so using at least one gives you a competitive advantage at getting that open. 😉

I got your number

Email subject lines that include a number also tend to get more opens. So, if you can include a number in yours then do it.

You may not be able to include a number with all of your email subject lines but do it when you can. Maybe it is a date or deadline or something like a number of tips or a catchy phrase.

Again, it all comes down to how it benefits/helps them. 

Let’s see it in action

What would be the purpose of this blog if I didn’t provide examples. Here are a variety of subject lines using the tips mentioned above. 

This 1 Tool 🛠️ Can Streamline Your Spending

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  • Do you need a better way to print reports?
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Event email campaign example- Where will you be July 18-23❓


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Webinar follow-up email – What support do you get with our products?

Informational email – Do you spend too much time clicking on this 🔎?

Need a little more help?

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