What content does your audience want to read?

What content does your audience want to read?

It’s not about selling, it’s about storytelling.

So often we want to just talk about features and functionality. We tend to be more product-focused with our content. Maybe that used to work before but now we need to change things up.

What do ISVs need to focus on? What content does your audience want to read? Let’s dive into 3 areas you should focus on when creating content.

What are your customer’s pain points? 

When it comes to your solution you need to talk about the problem you solve. It’s important to tell the story from the customer’s point of view. Focus one what they did before your solution and what happened after. Instead of saying number of products sold, share statistics they care about such as # of hours added back to their day or the money they can save each month.

Customer pain points are often grouped into 4 main types: productivity, financial, process, and support.

Don’t lose focus

The customer should be the focus of your content. Again, you should not focus on your product or features and functionality. Focus on their role, business processes, and day-to-day tasks.

How can you help them? What problem do you solve? How can you help them do things differently? This is where you can dive deeper into those pain points.

The CIO wants better insights into the financial statements, the Marketing Director needs to automate emails based on certain criteria, and the Warehouse Manager needs better inventory control. 

What does your customer want or need? What is stressful about their job? How can you make a certain task easier?

Answer all of these questions with the customer in mind.

Not all at once

It’s also important not to send all of this content in 1 email. We don’t want to overload the customer with too much information.

Instead, strategize about the content you want to create and put a list together.

Maybe it’s an email and blog series, a webinar, a chart, and an eBook. You can also share tips and tricks, best practices, and industry insights. 

Tell a story with a series of emails and a few pieces of content to take the customer on a journey.

This is how you can paint a picture and get the customer to know, like, and trust you.

First, you need to build the relationship. You’re selling you and your company, not your solutions or services.

Remember, it’s all about creating the content your audience wants, what they’re searching for online, and how you can educate and inform them.

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