6 Questions ISVs Should Ask Before Writing Their Next Blog

Sometimes the hardest part about blogging is just coming up with the content and having a consistent flow of blog content to write about.

I can tell you first hand, besides finding the time to write, coming up with the right blog content can also be a daunting task.

So, as an ISV, what should you blog about? Here are 6 questions to help you get started.

#1 What are your customers’ pain points?

Customers love solutions to handle their day to day tasks that can really be time-consuming and manual. Share the benefits of what automation can do and how your solution can help them.

Don’t write about the features and benefits. Write about how you can help them. 

#2 How does your product differ from how they can do it in their ERP?

Prospects love comparison documents, charts, and webinars. So, why not turn all 3 of those into blog content. Talk about a trifecta.

I have done quite a few comparison webinars and turned the content into animated gifs, charts, and used those assets for even more blog content.

The best part is you can do all of the heavy lifting and research for your prospects so they don’t have to.

For example: if your product helps with budgeting, reporting, or security how does it compare to what Dynamics GP or any ERP can do.

Showing them first-hand what your solution can do versus their ERP can be informative and educational.

#3 What questions are your customers asking?

If you have an FAQ doc on your website utilize those questions and create a blog. If there are certain questions customers always ask, create a blog on that. 

Blogs are not just for prospects. We can get so caught up in the lead gen factor and forget that blogs can be so much more. 

Customers can utilize them too. Create “How To” blogs and show them an easier way to do something. If you have new features to share, why not create blog content and add animated gifs to show them.

#4 What’s so great about your company culture?

Going back to blogs being so much more, they don’t always have to be about products and they shouldn’t. You should also share the human side of your business. 

At least once a quarter (more if you can) write about something your company does, what you stand for, what a specific person in the company achieved. 

Some examples could be:

  • Non-profit donations
  • Company outings
  • Holiday traditions from each co-worker
  • Achievements and awards your company or team members have received
  • Take your pet or child to work day
  • Welcome to parenthood for the new parents in the organization

What makes you stand out as a company? Don’t forget to include pictures too. Who doesn’t love a cute pet or baby pic? Having a variety of blog content is key and these types of topics can be fun and maybe others in the organization can join in and help write them.

Many ISVs have products that target certain industries such as manufacturing, distribution, non-profits, financial services, and the list can go on.

Share what is happening now in those industries, what are the hot topics, or maybe some tips and tricks. We all hear about the supply chain distruptions right now and I have seen ISVs leveraging that and creating great blog content.

Educational pieces are a great way to build trust and be seen as a thought leader in those industries.

#6 Who do you know?

Guest bloggers are a great way to add content to your blog and best part you don’t have to write it.

Who do you know in the Channel that are well-known, who are thought leaders or industry experts, or are just great at writing that you could reach out to?

Having outside influencers can be such a hidden gem as part of your blog strategy that many of us forget about.

I know I plan to try to have at least one guest blogger a month. I know a big goal but hey big goals are good. 

Since I’m also just starting out with a blog on my website I did a brain dump of all types of topics I want to write about. I made a list of people I want to reach out to about guest blogging and my goal is to write one blog a week and post one blog a week.

Right now, I have 12 weeks of blog content ready to go and by the time you read this blog I should have quite a few more.

I hope these questions helped stir up some ideas for your next blog post. Feel free to share, I would love to hear them. Also, if you become a member of The ISV Society I can help with blog content too, like this one. 

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