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I can’t believe it has been 6 months since the launch of The ISV Society. It hasn’t been an easy road but it sure has been exciting. I have learned so much and look forward to working with more ISVs.

During this time, I launched a few polls on LinkedIn to get your feedback on a variety of topics. My hope is to continue to grow and scale and provide the best value and content to you.

Best Webinar Platform

One thing I did some research on was what webinar platform to use. There really are pluses and minuses to all of them. It seems that many of you like Zoom. I am trying out WebinarGeek for the joint webinars the ISVs do as part of The ISV Society. Right now, it is too soon to tell if I will continue with it. 

How many ERPs?

Next up, it seems that many ISVs now integrate with multiple platforms. As you create more integrations you’re now getting into new spaces. One great thing about being a member of The ISV Society is collaborating with other ISVs in that space, doing joint webinars so you can get in front of this new audience in an easier and more affordable way. 

The ISV Society is ERP agnostic, and the ERPs we’ve focused on so far are Dynamics GP and BC, Acumatica, and Sage Intacct. In the works for next year we also have NetSuite, QuickBooks, and SAP.

Blogs came in #1

Over the last 6 months I have been posting blogs with a variety of content such as:

I also launched The ISV Society Podcast and I’m already 7 episodes in. It’s important to create content in a variety of ways. I love diving into topics in more depth and having guests to interview and chat with.

Based on the feedback below I guess you like blogs the best with video being a close second. I do have some ideas for video in 2022 so stay tuned for that.

Who wants pie?

I had to throw in a fun poll too around the holidays. Apple pie took half the votes as the favorite dessert.

I guess no one likes cookies. I would have to say apple pie is my favorite but depending on the flavor of cheesecake I could go with that one too.

The Struggle is Real

The last poll of 2021 was all about what do ISVs struggle with the most. And leads won by a landslide. I really thought getting in front of partners would be more. It’s great to see that you don’t struggle with creating consistent content.

As you think about your plan for 2022, what new lead initiatives are you going to incorporate?

If this is what you struggle with the most, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Over this past year, I have learned we need to step up our webinars. Be better at story telling and presenting. Transform webinars from just slides and content to an experience. Take those customers on a journey.

Become part of an ISV community to collaborate and generate leads in an affordable way. That’s what The ISV Society is all about. In fact, here are some stats from the last 6 months since I launched.

We have done:

  • 2 panel discussions at Dynamic Communities NA
  • 3 webinars
  • 1 event
  • 3 blogs with 1 more to go and they all get posted on ERP Software Blog
  • A social campaign and podcast episodes

Total leads (partners and customers) so far = 367.

I am excited about these numbers and of course they will continue to go up from here.

It’s marketing made easy for ISVs. Think of me as your outsourced marketing guru. I am pouring 20 years of marketing expertise into something I feel passionate about and that is helping ISVs. Check out the media kit to learn more.

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