These 4 ISVs Helped Pave The Way For Where I Am Today

Why do the years seem to go by faster and faster as you get older? The fact that we are half way through 2022 is mind-blowing.

This year certainly has been a roller coaster of a ride. What started out as an idea in January of 2021 became a reality in June. I officially became an entrepreneur and started my own business. The many years of working in this space, for numerous ISVs, helped pave the way for where I am today and I’m so grateful.

And now I am celebrating my 1 year anniversary!

I’ve worked for some amazing ISVs over the years and they all deserve a shout-out.

Right out of college

First up, Blue Moon Industries. What started out as an internship in 1999 turned into a full-time career. Not only was I the first intern, but I also paved the way for more interns. I started out with marketing initiatives for the VAR side which soon turned into marketing initiatives for the ISV side as well.

When Blue Moon entered the ISV space for Dynamics GP (or should I say Great Plains back then) it was new for us all. That meant all new marketing efforts, a partner enablement program, product sales, event planning, and more. This is where my passion for helping ISVs started. For many years, I was in charge of all of these efforts. Yes, I wore many hats but I was able to learn and grow so much. It was a ton of work and long hours and now I realize how it made such an impact and helped me get to where I am today.

Getting my head in the clouds

Next up, Myappsanywhere. This is where I learned all about the cloud, data center security, and hosting. Now I’m selling Dynamics in the cloud, not only the ERPs but CRM and Exchange as well.

I was responsible for building out the partner program, educating partners on the cloud offerings, and helping partners sell Dynamics in the cloud.

This is when my remote career started and I fell in love with the thought of working from home. I had the best of both worlds. Being more present with my family, having the flexibility to work from home, but also the discipline to get things done.

Working from home was new for me and my family. I found that it meant I would work more not less because it was always there so boundaries were a must. 

Time to drink the orange Kool-Aid

Avalara is up next. I have to say it was one of my dreams to work for such an amazing company. It started out by going to Seattle and Bainbridge Island in January for 2 weeks. First for sales kick-off and second for a week of learning about all things sales tax.

I know way more about sales tax than I ever thought I would. It’s crazy to think one side of the street can pay a different tax than the other side of the street just because they’re in different jurisdictions. And some candy bars are charged sales tax while others aren’t just based on the ingredients. I could go on and on but I want to keep this blog post short.

Avalara was growing exponentially so every year I was doing something new. I have to say I was able to grow the most here based on all of these changes. I started out focusing on Dynamics and Sage. Then every connector which included all the ERPs and eCommerce. After that, it went back to certain ERPs again as a Partner Marketing Manager for Infor, SAP, and Epicor. I also had the chance to focus on CPAs and QuickBooks which gave me the opportunity to go to Atlantis for a conference.  

There were some great perks and I traveled a lot. This was the first time I ever got A-List with Southwest. My closet also showcased many articles of orange clothing.

Let’s Rock

Last but not least, Rockton Software. I was finally back in the Dynamics space which I missed so much and also the Acumatica space. It was great to work with so many familiar faces again.

My role here was a little different in that much of my focus was on lead generation, filling the sales funnel, and executing a variety of marketing initiatives. I loved that I could focus on creativity and trying new things especially when everything went virtual.

I was able to step up my game with content creation, bring the GP Optimizer to life, and build new relationships.

The Launch of The ISV Society

I’m so grateful for all of these opportunities with all of these companies. They all shaped my career in different ways and gave me a tremendous amount of experience.

It paved the way to launch my membership and community just for ISVs. The ISV Society is a labor of love. I’m able to use all of my marketing, ERP, and channel experience and scale it to help the masses.

There really needed to be something just for ISVs that’s ERP agnostic. We all struggle with lead generation, reaching the masses, having time to launch new marketing activities, and coordinate joint initiatives. So, why not have a membership that does just that.

It’s only been 6 months and so far it’s been such an amazing ride. I’m learning so much. I strive to provide value to the ISV members and I’m looking forward to more growth in 2022.

Thank you to the members who took the leap of faith in me. I am forever grateful.

If you would to learn more about becoming a member here’s the media kit.

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