Where are The ISV Society members this month?

ISV Society Members at Acumatica Summit

We’re kicking off 2022 with a conference in Las Vegas. If you’re in the Acumatica space you know their conference is always in January, with the exception of last year.

Did you know Acumatica is one of the very few companies able to pull off in-person events the last few years? They had one in January of 2020, one in July of 2021 when conferences were trying to get back to normal, and now January 2022.

We’re back at The Wynn, which is a beautiful hotel. The theme is Collaborate, Innovate, Accelerate. There will be over 80 sessions, 2500 in attendance, and 100+ ISV sponsors.

Here’s a snapshot of which ISV Society members will be there and where you can find them.

Platinum Sponsor

Avalara at booth 26

Gold Sponsors

AvidXchange at booth 54

Blue Moon Industries at booth 62

High Radius at booth 89

Nodus at booth 70

Here are the list of Chalk Talks from The ISV Society members:

Avalara – January 24 at 2:55 – Ask the Experts: Sales Tax Q&A – Krug 1&2

Nodus Technologies – January 24 at 4:00 – Accounts Receivable: Automate, Integrate, Repeat! – Fleurie

AvidXchange & Blue Moon Industries – January 25 at 10:15 – Keep Both Sides of the Payment Processing Fence Happy – Fleurie

Get involved in acu-connect & expand your Acumatica network

If you’re seeking year-round engagements with Acumatica focused professionals – attend this session to learn more about acu-connect. Acu-connect offers a calendar full of networking and educational events that’ll strengthen your awareness and knowledge of the Acumatica ecosystem. 

Learn how to get engaged, meet the sponsors, and hear from the Board on what’s new and exciting.  Awards will also be handed out to dedicated community members!  www.acu-connect.com

Join us on Sunday, January 23 at 3:30 in Meursault 1 & 2.

I’ve been a part of this community for the past fews and I am on the events and webinar committee. It’s been so great to see it flourish and grow.

What to know before you go

Did you miss the acu-connect webinar, What To Know Before You Go?

We covered recommendations for the best and safest experience including:

  • The best ways to connect and network with 2000+ Acumatica Users, Partners, Industry Analysts, and Acumatica Executives at the event
  • Events and activities
  • How to get involved with acu-connect in person

Feel free to view the recording.

Safety Measures

Acumatica strives to provide a safe environment. Masks will be required indoors. The event app allows each attendee to check in by scanning their QR code and proceed to a location where they can pick up their lanyard and badge.

Rooms will be configured to abide by Clark County guidelines for social distancing. All training rooms will be configured in a classroom setting that will accommodate for social distancing.

Acumatica has worked directly with The Wynn’s conference team, as well as the Las Vegas Fire Department, to design an optimal floor plan. This was to ensure all pathways, booth designs, and meeting spaces abide by all the CDC and Clark County guidelines for social distancing.

In the Marketplace all aisles will be a minimum of 10ft wide and there will be clearly marked separate entrances and exits.

Food will be served via food stations. Attendees will be able to serve themselves. For health and safety, hand sanitizing stations will be available at the beginning of every food station.

Feel free to check out the FAQ on their website for more information.

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