What are 3 areas you can focus on for a successful webinar?

3 Tips for a Successful Webinar

Webinars are one of the main marketing strategies. They’re always going to be an important part of your marketing initiatives.

We need to transform the way we do webinars and make them more of an experience.

How can we do this? Here are 3 areas you can focus on for a successful webinar.

  • The presentation
  • The presenter
  • The point

The Presentation

First off, don’t ever read the slides. Slides are supposed to be just a quick snippet of what you are talking about. Less is more with slides, and it’s good to have lots of white space. Make them engaging and eye-catching but not so distracting that they don’t listen to you.

The slides should be about the audience, not your products.

You also need to share your video. Your attendees want to see you, not your slides. This is so important to increase engagement and make it more interactive.

Treat it as if you were there in person. 

Include polls throughout to give the audience a break, to get feedback, to get them thinking, and to increase engagement.

The Presenter

Presenting is a skill many of us need nowadays, we’re always presenting whether we know it or not. I would say even with a job interview you’re presenting your skills and selling yourself for that role.

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. 

I could do a whole training or webcast just on this topic alone.

I’ve seen some great and not-so-great presenters. As I mentioned above, please don’t read the slides when you are presenting. They are just supposed to be talking points.

Look and talk to the audience. Try and limit the number of those repetitive words like so and um. Again this comes more with practice.

Do a test run and if you have time, practice multiple times. Present in the mirror, to a friend or family member, or to co-workers, and get feedback.

Remember you want to give the attendees an experience, something they’ll remember, something that’s worth watching.

The Point

What is the point of this webinar? What is the main purpose or topic?

There are some key elements that we should all focus on.

Tell a story, take them on a journey. Take them through the course of their work day and how you can help them from point A to point B. 

Help them imagine what it would be like with your solution. 

Trigger their pain points, their struggles, and their time-consuming and cumbersome tasks.

The comparison game – how they’re doing it now versus with your solution. Focus on how it works in their ERP and then how it works with your solution.

Give context to what it’s like now versus what it could be like.

Panel discussions and Q&A sessions are also great ways to create interaction. You can get questions from the audience ahead of time and answer those or you can have a series of canned questions and ask the audience. You can answer commonly asked questions. You can focus on a certain industry. 

Q&A is a great way to make it all about the audience and also show how you’re a thought leader in this space.

For the panel discussion, you could even invite a customer to share their story and answer questions.

You can address certain pain points.

It could be a few people within your organization or with a few other ISVs.

We had 2 different panel discussions at Community Summit NA. There were 4 ISVs in each panel and it was a great way to answer a series of questions and hear the perspective from different ISVs.

At The ISV Society, we’re all about collaboration and creating joint marketing initiatives. Webinars are a huge component so we’re definitely focusing on all of these things this year.

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