7 Top Tips for a Great Call To Action

7 Top Tips for a great CTA

Every channel marketing initiative should have some type of CTA (Call to Action). It should give your audience direction and guidance and it doesn’t always have to be salesy. In fact, it shouldn’t be. 

It could be the usual things like signing up for a webinar, downloading some type of pdf or educational material, or subscribing to an email list. 

But it could also be, a poll or survey, a free course, or event. Make them interesting, get to know your audience and what they like, and give them value.  

Give them something for free that will help them in some way. Once you have that great asset, now you need to get them to take action. 

Here are my 7 top tips for a great CTA. 

Tip 1 – Short and Sweet 

CTAs that are too long or wordy will be less effective.  

You want to be straight, to the point, and clear on what you want them to do. 

They should also be no more than 4 words and you should incorporate strong verbs. 

Some examples are: 

  • Get started now 
  • Register now 
  • Learn more 
  • Join for free 

Tip 2 – Don’t miss out 

Create a sense of urgency or scarcity. Create that sense of FOMO if they don’t do it now. 

How can you do this? 

Use time related words such as start now, ends tomorrow, sign-up today, and last chance. 

Tip 3 – Try Reverse Psychology 

Hey it works on kids and it can work in marketing too. How often do you see the option yes and no? 

Change the readers thinking to something like. 

Want more email subscribers? 

Instead of just using yes and no how about something like: Yes, I want more email subscribers and no, I have enough email subscribers. 

I think the answer is clear on what action they should take. 

It’s really all about the wording and this is where you can get creative. 

Tip 4 – Make it personal 

Marketing is all about making a connection, building a relationship, and getting your audience to know like and trust you. 

By putting their name in a subtle way in the content you can boost your conversion rate by 200%

So, Amiee, ready to get started today?

See how I did that? 

Tip 5 – Design 

One thing that often gets overlooked is optimizing our messaging for phone, laptop, and other devices. So many of us use our phone nowadays to read emails so you need to make sure your CTA doesn’t get lost. 

An ideal position for your CTA is high on the page and somewhere in the middle. This is usually where the readers eyes tend to gravitate towards first when reading an email. 

Tip 6 – All About the White Space 

Going back to Marketing 101. It’s so important to have white space and a lot of it. It’s also important to have bold and contrasting colors so your CTA stands out and your reader will get drawn to it like a moth to a flame. 

Size is also important. Make sure your CTA text bigger than the surrounding text. 

Make it colorful (your branding of course), make it stand out, and make it worth taking action.

Tip 7 – Press the button 

There are a variety of ways to create a CTA. You can use text with a hyperlink, graphics, photographs, and buttons. 

The ones that convert the best thus far, buttons.  

I think all of us include buttons so now make sure you get creative, add strong verbs, provide value, and make it personal. 

And there you have it, 7 Top Tips for a Great Call To Action. Try and incorporate some of these in your next channel marketing initiative.

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