The Power of Community

I have been working in the channel since 1999, right out of college, can you believe that?

The Beginning

I remember my first few years and all the conferences such as Convergence, Stampede, the Summer and Winter Tech Conference, and BBC. I was in Fargo more than I ever thought I would be. Getting stuck at the airport, delays, layovers, oh, and the small plane. And when you have never flown before it was just a little bit scary.

Stampede was one of the memorable ones. We would have to go on stage and present our solutions in front of an audience. So, imagine me right out of college on stage in a saloon dress and fishnet stockings rapping to the Wild Wild West theme song by Will Smith about solutions for Great Plains with Janice Phelps. Yes, I did that and there’s proof somewhere.

Some of my favorites were The Partner Channel event and The ISV Collective. It was such a great way to connect with everyone and learn and educate. That’s when I first witnessed the power of community and collaboration.

Now what?

The last few years have been extremely challenging especially when everything was mostly virtual. In-person events were such an important part of our marketing initiatives and when they were pretty much non-existent, I remember sitting at my desk, staring at my laptop, and saying now what?

It was not fun when the things you look forward to the most go away.

I started doing direct mail and sending the swag to partners and customers. I started leveraging the community and fellow marketing professionals.

I knew if I was struggling other channel marketers were too. I took it upon myself to start collaborating more with ISVs and doing more joint marketing initiatives.

The best part was the monthly meetings where we ISVs came together to brainstorm ideas, hear what others were doing, and just chat about stuff. I remember getting off those calls feeling so energized and empowered. We were all going through the same challenges, and we all had a ton to do but it was nice to have this break to share the good and bad stuff as well as how we can all make an impact.

The power of community

That’s when I started thinking about how I can help ISVs even more. Because everyone’s plate is full and there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done.

So, why can’t I be that one person to help coordinate the joint marketing initiatives, create all the content, schedule the monthly meetings, and make it a real community? Because we all know back in college when you were put in a team to do a project it was always the same people doing all the work. Yes, I was one of them. So, why not be one of them now too?

This is how The ISV Society was born. A membership just for ISVs to collaborate, educate, and generate leads in an affordable way all while leveraging the power of the community.

Yes, it’s about generating leads, but it’s also about leveraging each other and our expertise. We all have great ideas. We all have great products, and when we work together it’s just a great way to show partners and customers our strong connection and commitment.

Ready to be a member? Check out the media kit to learn more.

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