The Power of Community

I have been working in the channel since 1999, right out of college, can you believe that? The Beginning I remember my first few years and all the conferences such as Convergence, Stampede, the Summer and Winter Tech Conference, and BBC. I was in Fargo more than I ever thought I would be. Getting stuckContinue reading “The Power of Community”

1 Simple Guide for ISVs to Grow Their Audience

Did you ever wish there was one place to see all the events, directories, and marketing initiatives that you could outsource, participate in, sponsor, or sign-up for?  Well, the wait is over. I have to put together this guide of all the different initiatives you can do to grow your audience, generate leads, and reachContinue reading “1 Simple Guide for ISVs to Grow Their Audience”

8 Valuable Ways to Repurpose Content

Creating consistent content is key to building SEO, becoming a thought leader, attracting new prospects, building relationships, and more.  But sometimes coming up with new content can be challenging so why not repurpose content you already have. One thing I do is create a Podcast from a blog and create a blog from a PodcastContinue reading “8 Valuable Ways to Repurpose Content”

The Insider Scoop To Stand Out In A Crowd

You’re one of the hundreds of ISVs in this space. You’re competing against all of them, plus partners, and customers.  How do you get their attention? How do you get them to notice you? How do you stand out from the ISVs in this space? It all comes down to these 3 things. Strategy DoContinue reading “The Insider Scoop To Stand Out In A Crowd”

Where will you find these ISVs?

So where will The ISV Society members be in April? They’re heading to Orlando for Directions NA, April 3-6 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. This is one of the partner-focused events in the Dynamics space and it’s for all Dynamics 365 Partners. Partners will have the opportunity to: Expand their expertise – Learn aboutContinue reading “Where will you find these ISVs?”

Want better engagement? Take the time to personalize.

How many emails do you receive, either personally or professionally, that are personalized? When creating content it’s so important to not only speak to your audience but personalize it in some way as well.  One thing that drives me crazy are all the emails that I get that are so generic. I get ones thatContinue reading “Want better engagement? Take the time to personalize.”

7 Top Tips for a Great Call To Action

Every channel marketing initiative should have some type of CTA (Call to Action). It should give your audience direction and guidance and it doesn’t always have to be salesy. In fact, it shouldn’t be.  It could be the usual things like signing up for a webinar, downloading some type of pdf or educational material, orContinue reading “7 Top Tips for a Great Call To Action”

What are 3 areas you can focus on for a successful webinar?

Webinars are one of the main marketing strategies. They’re always going to be an important part of your marketing initiatives. We need to transform the way we do webinars and make them more of an experience. How can we do this? Here are 3 areas you can focus on for a successful webinar. The presentationContinue reading “What are 3 areas you can focus on for a successful webinar?”

Where are The ISV Society members this month?

We’re kicking off 2022 with a conference in Las Vegas. If you’re in the Acumatica space you know their conference is always in January, with the exception of last year. Did you know Acumatica is one of the very few companies able to pull off in-person events the last few years? They had one inContinue reading “Where are The ISV Society members this month?”

4 Opportunities To Reach More Partners

What struggles do ISVs have? Reaching out to more partners, growing their partner channel, and having a successful partner program. I’m here to tell you there’s no magic pill or quick fix to make this struggle go away.  Sure you’ll have the few VARs that consistently work with you and sell your solutions. But ISVsContinue reading “4 Opportunities To Reach More Partners”