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It's more powerful to do marketing initiatives with your competitors

June 20, 20233 min read


In the many years I've worked for an ISV, I noticed a stigma around talking with competitors. They are the competition. Why would I ever want to talk to them?

I get it, they're the competition and you may or may not have a good relationship with them.

It may seem like we shouldn’t talk to them, work with them, or contact them unless we go “undercover” to try and find out their pricing or cost for services. And yes, I have done that.

However, joining forces with your competitors can unlock unique opportunities to amplify your reach, enhance credibility, and foster industry growth. In this blog are ways you can collaborate with your competitors, opening new doors for mutual success.

Co-created thought leadership content

Collaborating with your competitors to create thought leadership content is a powerful way to showcase industry expertise, establish credibility, and capture a broader audience. By leveraging the diverse perspectives and experiences of multiple ISVs, you can develop high-quality content such as whitepapers, e-books, or industry reports that offer comprehensive insights and actionable advice.

Co-created content demonstrates your commitment to industry thought leadership and also positions you as a collaborative force within the market. This joint effort will appeal to a wider audience, potentially capturing the attention of prospects who may have never engaged with you before.

Comparisons are powerful

When it comes to ERP solutions, we can find countless comparison charts for GP vs. Acumatica, Acumatica vs. NetSuite, and Acumatica vs. QuickBooks. This list can go on and on. Now, I am not saying Acumatica and NetSuite should do a webinar together but certainly, ISVs should. How easy is it to find info like Vertex vs. Avalara, Fraxion vs. Paramount Workplace, or TrueCommerce vs. SPS Commerce? Sure, but it's from a third party. Isn't it better to hear from them in a joint webinar, blog, other initiative?

I have searched on Google and there really isn't much info out there that would help customers make an informed decision. They would have to do a lot of research, ask both ISVs many questions, maybe a demo from both, and the list goes on.

Imagine, doing a webinar, explaining the key differences, the pricing, the reasons you may need one or the other. Now that's powerful. You're doing all the work for the customer. Comparisons are powerful when done right, done with a plan, and the main focus is the customer.

Comparison Webinar

Would you rather they:

  • Hear it from you and your competitor together or separately

  • Do their own research and then call the one “they think” is the right choice

  • Get all of this information from both of you in an informative and engaging way

So let’s start by asking yourself these questions:

  1. Who are your competitors in the Microsoft Dynamics or Acumatica space or whichever ERP you have a solution for?

  2. Do you have a relationship with any of them? Do you know anyone who works there?

  3. What do you know about their solution? Would it make sense to collaborate based on information from their website?

I can do all of the work for you

When you are part of The ISV Society is my job to create joint webinars and other marketing initiatives with ISVs. When you're a member of the ISV Society, it's a judgment-free zone, everyone is welcome, and we all work together for the good of the society and for the good of the customer.

This is a place to think outside of the box, do those unconventional things that no one ever thinks of or wants to do, or have the time or resources to get it done.

We are all working together on 3 core initiatives. They are:

  1. Collaborate

  2. Educate

  3. Generate

When we work together, we can all be successful. We can all benefit from each other. Imagine being part of an exclusive group just for you, the ISV. 

There's really nothing like it out there in our space and I'm so excited to bring it to you.

Check out the media kit to learn more.

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Amiee Keenan

I've been working with ISVs for over 20 years doing all things marketing, partner engagement, event planning, website and blog content, building a channel, and so much more. I've worked for some amazing ISVs in a variety of industries including manufacturing and distribution, cloud hosting and sales tax, as well as procurement, and pricing.

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