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Episode 1

There are 5 affordable ways you can still be successful and generate quality leads without leaving your bank account empty.

Episode 2

Putting pricing on your website will not chase customers and prospects away. Here are 3 reasons why you should.

Episode 3

Lindy Belley from HSO shares her insights, expertise, and tips on getting started with video and why it should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Episode 4

There are so many benefits to blogging and group blogging, Anya Ciecierski, ERP/CRM Software Blog Co-Founder, is here to share why.

Episode 5

Who has been in the GP community for many years, has his own Podcast, and is a Tampa Bay Buccs Fan? It is the infamous, Bob McAdam. We talked about our Top Takeaways From Community Summit NA. 

Episode 6

Marie Wiese, a top marketer, an author, and an entrepreneur is my guest this week. Top take away from this Podcast. Go to your website and ask yourself these 4 questions on each page and see if you answer them from your buyer’s perspective.

Episode 7

Nimia Amaya shares what’s it like to be a woman in marketing, how to deal with setbacks, and what it really takes to be a marketer in the tech industry.

Episode 8

What I have learned over the past year and a half is that we really need to step our game when it comes to presenting. We need to transform the way we do webinars and make them more of an experience.

Episode 9

Caroline Drumm is a Marketing Manager at Yooz and a leader in event marketing. So she is the perfect guest to talk to about events like how to drive traffic to your booth and what does your follow-up process look like. We will also share some tips and tricks for a successful event.

Episode 10

I’m so excited to chat with Foy Mainor, ISV Business Development Manager for Acumatica. He has been in the Channel for a long time working for an ISV and now he gets to work with ISVs.

Episode 11

I’m excited to chat with Janice Phelps from Blue Moon Industries. We’re chatting about 30 years in this space, being a VAR and ISV. Find out what’s her favorite part of the job and her favorite Blue Moon products.

Episode 12

Fauwaz Hussain from Nodus Technologies is my guest this week. He’s been in the channel and in the payments space for 13 years. He’s going to share making the shift to electronic payments, why paying by credit card is the norm, and how PCI Compliance is like the DMV.

Episode 13

I’m so excited to chat with these 2 guests today. I’m sure you all know who they are, John Siefert & Pam Misialek from Dynamic Communities. We talk about giving users value, solving users problems, the future of the community and the launch of something NEW and you hear it here FIRST!

Episode 14

This week I wanted to chat with you about doing webinars and other joint marketing initiatives with your competitors and why it’s so important.

Episode 15

It was so great to hear the perspective from LBMC, on things like how they engage with ISVs, how do they help their clients find the right solution, and ISV best practices. I’m so excited for you to hear this episode.

Episode 16

Here it is Part 2 of The Partner Perspective with LBMC. Chatting with team regarding; renewals, marketing initiatives, and why working together is so important.

Episode 17

Are you utilizing all of the features on LinkedIn? I wasn’t. I got to chat with LinkedIn expert Judi Fox regarding all things LinkedIn. Grab your pen & paper. There’s a ton of information to share and great actionable items.

Episode 18

I’m here chatting with fellow entrepreneur Autum Grimm. She shared some great insight on What ISVs struggle with, relationship building, and being transparent, truthful, and reliable. We really get into the nitty-gritty on these topics so get ready to hear it all.

Episode 19

I had the opportunity to chat with Tania Konczynski, Global Marketing Director of Bam Boom Cloud. We chatted about marketing over the years, adaptive marketing, and why planning is the key to success. Check it out! Share with your marketing team as well.

Episode 20

What struggles do ISVs have? Reaching out to more partners, growing their partner channel, and having a successful partner program. Sure you’ll have the few VARs that consistently work with you and sell your solutions. But ISVs want to grow. Find out 4 ways you can do that.

Episode 21

I had the opportunity to chat with Ed Kless. We talked about all things Sage, (including their rebranding), subscription billing, and what ISVs can do in this space. Check it out!

Episode 22

 I had the chance to chat with 2 Superheros of Dynamics User Group, Liz Halleen and Molly Fuchsel. Some of the topics were; why the superhero theme, virtual versus in-person events, and goals for the rest of the year.

Episode 23

It’s the 1 Year Anniversary of The ISV Society! So it seems fitting to start at the beginning. I’m so grateful for all of these opportunities with these 4 ISVs.

Check it out!

Episode 24

This week’s guest was Rob Jolliffe from Sabre Limited. We talked about fixed fee versus hourly, being a VAR and now and ISV, and more.

Listen on your favorite platform now.

Episode 25

This week I chatted with Sam Gupta from ElevatIQ. He is no stranger to Podcasting since he is the host of WBSRocks . We talked about things such as his mission and what he does at ElevatIQ, how he helps customers, and how ISVs help him.

Episode 26

When creating content it’s so important to not only speak to your audience but personalize it in some way as well. 

Hear the 3 ways you can get personal with your audience.

Episode 27

Candyce Edelen, Founder of Propel Growth, is a LinkedIn expert who helps B2B companies find more sales opportunities. So I thought why not have her as a guest on my Podcast?

Episode 28

Tori Barlow, VP of Marketing at Allbound, is my guest on this episode. Whether you’re creating a new partner program or updating an existing one this episode is for you.

Episode 29

Time for episode 29. Join me and Doug Bertram, Regional Account Manager at Metfile, as we chat about AI and Accounts Payable.

Episode 30

If you have trouble navigating the Microsoft ecosystem and not sure where to start when showcasing your solutions on the Marketplace, this is the episode for you. Rob from Venvito, is an expert in this area and he shares his knowledge and insights.

Episode 31

I had the opportunity to chat with Jon Rivers about effective social media strategies.

Thank you Jon for being a guest. I always learn something new when we chat.

Episode 32

Join me and Todd Bowlsby as we chat about how It’s Always About The Customer.

Episode 33

It was so great to see everyone in person again at Community Summit. I wanted to share my top takeaways from this awesome event.

Episode 34

In this episode, I catch up with Danica Weappa from Greenshades Software and learn how this 20+ year-old brand stays connected with its 3500+ customers and keeps attracting new customers to their cloud-based Payroll and HR platform.

Episode 35

I have not one but two guests with me this week. We have Kamil Karbowiak, Managing Director and Tristan Threlkeld, Director of Sales and BD at Data Courage.

Episode 36

Today my guest is Carol Livingston, Founder of Dynamics Connections. Since we both have many years of experience, me in the ISV space, and Carol in the VAR space we thought why not chat about 4 things ISVs and VARs can do better to work together.

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